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iPoster Pro

iPoster GOB

iPoster esiste in diverse soluzioni:
• iPoster Pro e iPoster GOB
• Versione singola stand alone e versione multipla fino a 6 iPoster collegati per formare un’unica immagine
• Passi disponibili P1.9 – P2.5

Multiple and Fast Installation
Slim Appearance
Multiple Installation and Form Changeable
Various Signal Operations
Ultra slim edge display thickness 35mm
Net weight 32 kg per set
Variable installations, eg: hanging, wall mounting, splicing
Available for horizontal assembling as a bigger screen
Portable and Move-able
Stand Base and Bracket Options
Wheels for easy transportation

Superior Electrical Features
Refresh rate 2880Hz
160 degree viewing angle
4000:1 contrast ratio
Max. / Avg. power 600W/200W
Optional accessories for fast installation

Typical Applications:
Car Show
Shopping Mall
Film and TV Studio
Stage Rental
Theme Resort
Pub and Club
Window Display
Chain Store
DJ Touring